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Professional Potty Trainers

We help parents — just like you — who are at a loss of where to start, or feeling overwhelmed or discouraged on their pottying journey. You'll gain the confidence, know-how, and support needed in order to get your child out of diapers. We're here to help you!

We help with children ages 0-10 years via Elimination Communication, Neuro-Typical Potty Training and Special Needs Potty Training.

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About the Team

We are a team of caring parents who earnestly desire to see progress with your pottying journey. We give you the skills to help your family make progress with potty training. All of our consultants are thoroughly trained by The Potty School®, and all consultants are background checked and cleared regularly.

We serve families across the United States via in-home consultations, and have the privilege of serving families around the globe via phone/video chat consultations and our online courses and membership.

Michelle Swaney close-up sitting on a chair (The Potty School's CEO)
Michelle Swaney

I am a passionate and experienced educator who loves working with children.

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Carrie Zurn
Pottying Expert

I am a dedicated teacher who is always looking for new ways to help children learn and grow.

You Can Choose from Various Potty Training Services:

Woman holding a baby over the toilet practicing Elimination Communication. Actual The Potty School client.

Elimination Communication

You have a baby and are wanting to learn how to start pottying during the baby stages.

Little boy sitting on potty reading a book while potty training.

Potty Training

You have a toddler, preschool aged child, or a school-aged child.

Special needs potty training. Young girl standing in front of a wall.
0 - 14 YEARS

Special Needs

You have a child with special needs and need help navigating the specific issues your family encounters.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"I would like to thank you again for our chat/consultation. We have hit a major improvement in potty training our daughter, whereby she is now asking to go toilet (which she never did previously) and also going with minimal accidents, if any at all. She has also been at nursery all day today, and not one accident. I couldn't be more proud of her, but also go glad the potty training challenge and our consultation helped me!"

- Dee (London, England - United Kingdom)

"One of the parents that attended your potty training at Mitchell Child Development Center implemented what you presented at our training and now her son is fully potty trained. She wanted me to let you know that what you shared with the parents was very effective and she wanted to thank you for helping her in the potty training process. It made my day when she approached me and I told her I would pass the message on to you. Thank you for helping our parents!"

- Lisa  (Santa Ana, CA), Mitchell Child Development Center

"Michelle is passionate about Potty Training and genuinely wants to help you!! She is a wonderful mama to her 3 littles and still makes time to answer all your questions. She is a true cheerleader on your potty training adventure."

- Nicole (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

"Michelle not only has a heart of GOLD that really cares about your child and YOUR parenting style - her information is PLATINUM in helping you find the tools and tricks that educate and support you (in my opinion) one of the hardest aspects of early childhood parenting!"

- Megan (Gilbertsville, PA)

"As a behavior analyst, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and enjoy challenging my mind with new concepts for application both personally and professionally. However; as a mother, practical application of theories can be challenging, especially toileting, due to the intricacies of life. The Potty School®, provided a succinct yet thorough explanation of EC (Elimination Communication) methodology and how to incorporate it into our lives naturally and easily. I highly recommend The Potty School® to all those interested in elimination communication."

– Alicia (Orange County, CA)

"I just wanted to thank you. We had our consult with you last weekend over the phone, and talked about our daughter Charlotte who has been refusing to poop on the potty for nine months. We implemented your suggestions and she has been pooping on the potty all week! This is such a relief for us. We are very pleased, and I’ve already recommended you to friends. Just wanted to say thank you for the help you have given us."

– Kristen (pediatric ENT doc at a large children’s hospital)

"I am a mom of a 26 month old with Down syndrome! So many people have told me what my daughter CAN'T do! It was very encouraging to hear that while I may have to take extra time and extra steps, my daughter CAN be potty trained like a typical toddler! I've already seen her working on pushing and pulling up and down her pants, she has had success on the potty as well. Yes she also has accidents and I can't wait to talk to The Potty School® for a more tailored plan for us! Thank you The Potty School® for caring about our kids with special needs and giving us HOPE! (Which just happens to be my daughter's name)."

– Laura

"My 3 year old twins have been on a really good stretch for several days now after weeks of working on potty training. When I fully committed to following your helpful advice/suggestions, I saw success x's two!!!"

– Joanna

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much the membership helped me!! I was so nervous going into Potty Training with my son and the preparation, support, encouragement and information were key in an easy and seamless transition from diapers to undies!! Would have been a wreck without this group. Plus, Michelle is so awesome, giving of her time even tho she's a mom of three and has so many tricks up her sleeve.  I still hear her voice when I'm taking my son potty!!

– Elizabeth (Pasadena, CA, USA)

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