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Choosing the Right Path: A Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training in 2023

November 25, 2024
An 2023 overview of potty training methods available; including, elimination communication, potty training and special needs potty training. Also, advice of when to seek a potty training specialist.

Mess No More: Tried and Tested Potty Training Cleaning Hacks from The Potty School®

October 26, 2023
Are you tired of the mess and frustration that comes with potty training your little one? Look no further! In this article, we will share with you tried and tested potty training cleaning hacks.

Banishing Unpleasant Odors: Effective Strategies for Eliminating Pee Smell during Potty Training

August 17, 2023
How to banish unpleasant odors. Here are some of our top most effective strategies for eliminating the smell of pee during potty training.

How to Prevent Constipation When Potty Training

July 31, 2023
Grab our top 13 tips for how to prevent constipation, including a recipe we love and other tips & tricks of the trade.

The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diaper Potty Training: Tips and Tricks for Success

August 29, 2023
Are you potty training a child who wears cloth diapers in 2023? Here are some tips and tricks on how to get them out of diapers soon from The Potty School®.

Mastering Special Needs Toilet Training: A Guide to Success for Parents and Caregivers

How to master potty training your special needs child. This guide to potty training success will help

The Complete Guide to Potty Training by The Potty School

May 9, 2023
The Potty School's CEO, Michelle D. Swaney explains how to navigate and find success in potty training, form start to finish. Whether you are just researching, or wanting to make progress, we can help

Potty Training Consultant Certification

April 25, 2023
Does The Potty School offer a Potty Training Consultant Certification? Can I go through a program with you and then start my own business?

What's the Difference Between Elimination Communication, Potty Training and Special Needs Potty Training? (in 2023)

April 25, 2023
CEO of The Potty School & Owner of Prince Lionheart talk about all things pottying. From the most frequently asked questions to the differences between elimination communication and potty training.