6 Ways to Make Potty Training at Night Easy (& fun!) in 2024 + 4 what not to do tips!

6 Ways to Make Potty Training at Night Easy (& fun!) in 2024 + 4 what not to do tips!
Written by:
Michelle Swaney of The Potty School
January 23, 2024

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How to Make Potty Training at Night Fun in 2024!

Does your child complain that their bottom is cold when you take them at night?

Are you afraid they’ll “fall-in” during the night?

Or maybe that they’ll walk into a wall on the way?

What on earth are you supposed to do about all of that?! Well, there ARE options!

There are tips and tricks for potty trianing at night. For starters, you don't HAVE to potty train all at once, but we do encourage parents, if itmakes sense for their family, to potty train 24/7 from the beginning.

Here are some tips to help you get your child happily to the bathroom during the night.

Option 1: Arline Style Route to the Bathroom

Get creative with the glow-in-the-dark masking tape to tape a route to the bathroom. Whether it’s on carpet or the wall, think about those Red Eyes flights where all you have are those little LED lights to shine the way…this serves the same purpose, but is far easier to install and remove. This is our #2 pick for night-time “find-the-bathroom” woes.

Option 2: Make, or Buy, a “Potty Cozy”

Let me introduce you to the “potty cozy”. It’s basically a method to keep that toilet from being freezing cold, while still getting that pee/poo in the potty without having to run a heater in your bathroom all night long.

DIY Potty Cozy (to keep the seat of a mini-potty from freezing your kiddo’s bum)

Are you feeling crafty…or cheap. You can make your own potty cozy in less than 10-minutes flat using just:

  • (1) T-Shirt (cotton, fleece or sweatshirt material)
  • (1) safety pin
  • scissors
  • elastic band
  • short piece of yarn, ribbon, string

Buy a Potty Cozy from someone crafty

Check-out Jenay’s Etsy store, Naturally Diaper Free, where she makes potty cozies for you. You can choose from 100% Merino Wool, or Organic Cotton. Either way, each one is made with love for your little. She’s a mama-run biz located in Portland, Oregon (shout out to my sister who just bought a house up there :)).

Option 3: Glow-in-the-Dark EVERYTHING!

Did you know there really seems to be glow-in-the-dark…everything?

If your kiddo is fighting night-time potty-usage, maybe using a bit of night-time creativity will help you out.

You can get a night light for your toilet. Crazy cool, isn’t it! (Not for those who are prone to sensory issues though)

Did you know you could even purchase glow-in-the-dark toilet paper? Reminds me of “Cosmic Bowling” back in the day…

Option 4: Add a Floor Carpet Under your Mini Potty

Of course you could use a towel…but the likelihood that your child will end up sliding and injuring yourself isn’t really worth it. Spend a few buck to purchase a small rug with a non-slip backing, like this one. Or, if you’re looking for super cheap, throw a towel over top of a non-adhesive shelf-liner like this one.

Or get a regular, and lovely memory foam mat here – and then be sure to wash it.

Option 5: Miner-Style Route to the Bathroom (just for kicks)

And, if nothing is working out and your kiddo is getting lost getting to the bathroom…maybe a last-ditch effort would be slapping on a kids’ headlamp before that kiddo heads to bed. I’m mostly joking (I can’t say I actually think it’s safe, or a good idea…but I mean if you’re desperate, you’re looking for ideas…just don’t blame me :)). But, these are super fun for night hikes when they get older, or for camping even when they're little. Or even, 4th of July so they can help you find your way back to the car in the dark.

Option 6: PUT IT HERE, NO WHERE ELSE option

Or, if you’re really into the glow-in-the-dark…put it HERE option…then this is the option for you! Someone created (and I’m sure went to the effort to patent, and now sell) a full-on glow-in-the-dark toilet seat. Think adult-sized, glow-in-the-dark loo

Though we offer a full 5-stage membership, which includes stage 4, "Nights & Naps" there are some basic best practices to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Some kids really do wet the bed for a long period of time

Encopresis is a diagnosis for a reason. It's when a child has nocturnal (nighttime) pees while sleeping. Depending on the country you live in and the medical sources you trust as true the age of this diagnosis can range anywhere from age 5-7 years old at the earliest. So, if your child is having once accident a month and is 3-years-old, that is not so abnormal that you need to call someone over to help you. That's still in the range of "normal", but there are options to try in order to help your child have more independent success.

Tip #2: Some popular "old" methods are outdated and considered child abuse at this point.

Electroshock, not conducted by a professional for a very specific purpose, isn't a recommended method anymore, but it was very popular for years gone by.

Tip #3: Some popular "old" methods are tried and true and still produce helpful results!

Night time waking is still an option - we often recommend this, but it is helpful to know at what time to wake your child, but that is depending on your schedule and your child's habits. We love helping families figure out the math and best practices after we get an idea of what their routines and drinking habits and sleeping habits are like.

Tip #4: Don't compare to a friend's child

Just because so-and-so potty trained day and night it doesn't mean that your child will, plain and simple. We are happy to offer a variety of salutations and options because we know that potty training a 2-year-old isn't the same as potty training a 3-year-old, and those aren't the same as potty training a child who is afraid of the dark, or one who co-sleeps, or one who just moved to their own room. There are variables that we need to account for, and we want to encourage you to potty train with those specifics in-mind, not despite them.


Take advantage of the dark and the newness of being allowed to be awake, walking in the late hours (and then safely put back to bed of course). Make it a game, act-it-out, make it cozy, make it glow-in-the-dark. Whatever you do, don't make it boring and a chore. They're growing up! This is more freedom to become independent. Let's have fun watching them grow-up!

Now that’s a way to loo-k forward to using the loo.

If you're still having issues with night training and would like further help, it's what we do! We consult with families around the world, and we would love the chance to meet yours! (phone/Zoom or home consultations are options). Check-out our consultation options HERE.

If you're looking for more Do-It-Yourself and more budget friendly, our Diapers-to-Flush membership costs the same as a month's worth of diapers. You can learn more about our membership course HERE.

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