How to Get My Child to Drink More Water While Potty Training

How to Get My Child to Drink More Water While Potty Training
Written by:
Michelle D. Swaney
January 23, 2024

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How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water (while potty training)

You're tired of prompting and asking, and suggesting, over and over again.

What are some different ways to get hydration into your kiddos, especially at that pivotal time when you need them to be able to pee as often as possible?

Potty training can be difficult but, whether it’s your first or fourth child, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tried and tested tips to get your little one drinking more know, to get things "going" for your child.

#5 Fruits and Veggies

Feed Water-Laden Foods

Where in the world would people need the most hydration? In hot places, so think of the types of foods that people in the desert or near the equator enjoy. Some may be out of your comfort zone, but there are plenty of water-laden fruits and veggies to try.

You will have to be most tactful with this option. Many children are keen on fruits but have a stigma around veggies (now is the time to change that!). I recommend offering something colorful like slices of something delicious, like red or yellow pepper. Give them snacks when they're hungry.

Did you know that there are still vases in existence from the American Revolution that are called "celery vases"? It was such a luxury on a hot day to enjoy a cool, crispy piece of fresh celery admit the blazing heat. Pop some in a vase, or cup and play together.

Cucumber is another great one that's loaded with a high water content. As far as fruit, the sky's the limit! Watermelon, apples, papaya, star-fruit, pineapple, grapes, pears, you name it. Slice it up or just peel it and have at it. It’s always good to eat it with them, that way it feels more like a treat than an obligation. Remember kids love being able to do the same thing mommy and daddy do.

#4 Make it Fun

You know by now that telling a toddler why they need more water is totally pointless. Instead, find ways to make it fun. For instance, take an ice cube and let them watch it melt. They get to make their own water! How awesome is that? Show them the different ways to make an ice cube melt: on the ground, in their mouth, under running water. They’ll enjoy all the fun ways of making water and eating the ice.

Tropical ice cube shapes? (Just make sure they don't choke)

How about making rose ice cubes?

#3 Flavored Water Drops

Let’s be honest, the color is what does it for us. Children can’t be the only one’s or all these colorful, flavored water drops wouldn’t be so dang popular. A drop here and there, in the beginning, to encourage more water drinking is absolutely harmless. You can pretty much find one that suits your taste whether you prefer one with zero sugar or a sugar substitute and in any flavor you decide. Grab a couple of your choice and let them have a few squirts in their water. Make your own popsicles, fun ice cubes, or just have a cup to drink.

My personal favorite water flavoring, rootbeer drops!

Or these have electrolytes in them: 

#2 Put a Cup in Every Room (with a lid)

Grab them a new cup!

This may seem like a pretty basic idea, but children love having something special and new that’s just for them. Take them to Target and let them buy their favorite cup and tell them this is their new water cup...even let them give it a special name if they want. Let them know they can only drink water from this cup. Each time they drink from their special water cup you can offer a star on a chart or a sticker that brings them closer to earning a prize. If you want to do potty training rewards, I'm a fan of rewarding for hydration more than sitting on a toilet without success for a certain amount of time.

Here are some cute, BPA-free lidded cups.

Get Them a Fun Straw

I remember these from when I was a kid! Fun straws (especially thick ones), help the water to go down faster, and without argument.


Not sure how to get green smoothies into your kiddo? Start small. Call it a monster smoothie, and add a little bit of spinach. Don't add milk to your spinach smoothies - use juice or a milk-substitute for the most nutrient absorption.

#1 Water is King!

So many options to get water into your kiddos! Or water mixed with something yummy.

Offer Ice Chips

Don't just hand a toddler ice to choke on, but supervised ice chips, or crushed ice is a great option. You can start by teaching them about how water melts. Melt and ince cube on the ground, or in your hand, and be excited about this scientific event! They'll follow suit for it being exciting and something they wan tto try along with you when you melt an ice cube in your mouth. Pretty soon they'll be begging you for extra hydration.

Ice Chips (make your own "restaurant style" ice with this hand held device)

Fruit Essence Water

Flavored Fruit Drops (below is my personal favorite)


No worries about sugar on this one, because there are loads of options for low sugar and sugar free popsicles on the market. Or, make your own with half water half apple juice. Or, grab some of those water drops above and just make flavored water-pops.

Or, hit the grocery store and grab a box or two, or five :), just for the occasion of potty training. Allow your little one to indulge a bit. Another fun idea with popsicles is to add them to a cup of water and stir it. This makes the water look exactly like juice but won’t sweeten the water too terribly. Plus, they get the illusion of being able to make their own juice and you don’t have to say no when they want to drink it.

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