Potty Trainer Near Me? The Top 3 Reasons People Seek Potty Training Help

Potty Trainer Near Me? The Top 3 Reasons People Seek Potty Training Help
Written by:
Michelle Swaney
May 9, 2024

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Are You Looking for a Potty Trainer Near You?

The top 3 reasons people look for potty training help.

1) You've already tried "everything"

Are you the person who feels like they have scoured the web for all the tricks and hints? Maybe you've even grabbed a few potty training books and it's just too much to implement. You feel like you're trying everything without any success? 

We can help you weed through al the options and narrow it down to which next steps make the most sense for your family. Sometimes starting from scratch is the key, other times it's finding what your successes have been and moving on from there.

2) You don't have someone to turn to for actual potty training advice

Sure, you probably have someone you can at least ask questions to, but does that person have any clue about potty training anyone than their own child? We spend hours daily helping families navigate potty training with their families, and we would love to help you as well. Instead of "this worked for my child" advice we can give hints and tips that have worked for masses and help you figure out which best practices might help your family the most. Throwing Cheerios in the toilet to help with aiming doesn't help all kids with aiming. A 3-day method doesn't fit all children, lifestyles, or families. We ask what you've been doing and then go from there based on what your family values.

3) You want an actual human to help you

Maybe you've done the online courses (though we have one that we do recommend, Diapers to Flush :)), and watched the line art videos and you're wanting a living, breathing human to show up and interact with you and tell you what to do next. We do that! You can book a trained, and employed (not "certified") consultant to show up on your doorstep. Your potty trainer will help you to know what to do next. You can run ideas by them in real time. We used to do the training for you, but found that if we trained "for" you - it didn't stick when we left and there were a lot of follow-ups. So, now we are your secret weapon, telling you each step of the way what to do. That way, when we leave you're not left with a child who is potty trained only with the potty trainer, and not with you. We love to empower families to encourage and help their kiddos each step of the way (and yes, we'll tell you what each step of the way is :)).

4) You're not sure how to start

With so very many potty training options out there, you're not sure which method makes the most sense for your family. We offer a quick solution for families trying to discover the basics of which style might best fit their family through our free Pottying Personality Quiz, but maybe your family wants help to implement this method or style. Maybe you want to ensure that each step of the way is catered to doing things in a way that makes the most sense for your child and family and want assistance in doing that.

What does a potty trained child even look like? Check-out one of our old posts for a sneak peak:

5) You're not sure when to start

Maybe your child is 2-years-old and you're wanting to start for the first time. Maybe you tried for a few months, took a break and now you're looking to start once again. Perhaps you've potty trained and older child as your first and you're interested in Elimination Communication this next time around. Whatever the case, we have helped families to start, continue or finish up their family pottying journey. For children with special needs that involve ongoing help, we can provide tips and create a verbal plan for families, caregivers, and therapists to use together so that everyone is on the same page. It doesn't matter if you're just looking into the process, or you've been trying to awhile, we can join your family wherever they are on their pottying journey and help provide tips that match your parenting philosophy to provide forward progress.

We are grateful to be serving clients worldwide. You can see our full list of consultation offerings here, by going to "Who We Help".

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