Potty Training Consultant Certification

Potty Training Consultant Certification
Written by:
Michelle D. Swaney
May 3, 2024

Potty Training Consultant Certification vs. Potty Training Consultant Employee

If anyone ever shows you a certificate from The Potty School that they were "certified" through us, it's fake. We don't "certify" we hire. We believe the being part of a team is a huge part of how our company can serve our families so well.

None of our consultants (who are all employees) are at odds with each other. They are not competing. We are working together. We share client cases if we're stuck. Sometimes we even refer to another consultant before we get started if we know someone else has more skill in a certain area.

So, long story short, no. We do NOT provide certification. We hire people and turn them into Potty Training Employees HERE.

Certification doesn't ensure an annual background check. It doesn't offer additional insight from additional employees. It doesn't ensure that other are overseeing the person for emotional well-being. Certification doesn't guarantee that a business is set up correctly, or legally.

All that to say, we hire! And we are always looking for our future potty training staff!

We're hiring - again. Job Positions: Potty Training Consultant and Special Needs Potty Training Consultant.

Check-out our job postings HERE.

We are hiring for two positions, both flexible, remote, part-time positions, that involve paid travel.

Potty Training Consultant. Works with neuro-typical children, ages 18 months - 5 years.

Special Needs Potty Training Consultant. Works with neuro-divergent children, ages 0 - 10 years.

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