Potty Training Consultant Orange County

Potty Training Consultant Orange County
Written by:
Michelle Swaney
April 15, 2022

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Live in Orange County? Want to Hire a Potty Training Consultant?

The Potty School® is here to serve you.

If you're on this page you are probably located in Orange County, California, USA and looking for a potty training consultant nearby, yes? Well, look no further! Though The Potty School serves families globally, our corporate office is located in Orange County.

We LOVE serving local families. It's always fun to get a referral from a family that just happened to hear about us at a park, beach, SOCO, the OC Fair, Fashion Island, or a library's story time. Or, maybe my favorite story of a reference - one couple who overheard another couple talking at an upscale restaurant on a date about having recently worked with us - and they quickly did the same.

How to Hire the Best Potty Training Consultant in Orange County, CA The Potty School, Michelle Swaney Potty Training
How to hire the BEST Potty Training Consultant in Orange County, CA

Us not hopping on a plane means we are more well-rested and at your service. Local clients also experience a larger window of timeframes from which to choose, and there are certain high-priority summer weeks booked ONLY for Orange County clients.

Though we can book up quickly for summer months, getting on the calendar is easier for an Orange County resident because we live in your area, and April and May are the perfect months to get on the calendar.

We appreciate you looking into all the service that The Potty School has to offer. But, if you only have a 30-second window of time, click on over to our consultations offerings page here.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


The Potty School®

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