The Complete Guide to a Potty Training Consultant and How One Can Help You Get Your Child Potty Trained in 2024!

The Complete Guide to a Potty Training Consultant and How One Can Help You Get Your Child Potty Trained in 2024!
Written by:
Michelle D. Swaney
June 20, 2024

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The Complete Guide to Potty Training Consultants

(And How They Can Help You Get Your Child Potty Trained)

What is a Potty Training Consultant and How Do They Work?

A Potty Training Consultant is a professional who helps parents to potty train their children. The term "potty training consultant" can be used by pretty much anyone. It's a generic term that doesn't hold much weight. It's sort of like saying a "professional shopper" or a "sleep consultant". The variety of training, experience, and actual ability to help your family varies from one extreme to the next. They are trained in the process of potty training and know what to do when the child is resisting, or struggling to move to the next stage. They should also know how to deal with accidents and how to help the child feel confident about their new skills.

Potty training consultants can be found at daycares, preschools, and other places where there are children. They can also work as independent consultants or through agencies that specialize in this service.

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At The Potty School®, potty training consulting is OUR CORE service.

At The Potty School potty training consulting is OUR CORE service! We provide a professional, trained, background checked potty training consultants that we would be comfortable having in our own home, with our own children. It's not a 10-hour "certification" process. All of our potty training consultants are employees, which means they have a manager training and overseeing them, they go through legally mandated state trainings and run past our insurance and are trained both ahead of consultations and co-coached on consultations as well.

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ALL of The Potty School®'s Potty Training Consultants are:

  • Background Checked Annually
  • Managed
  • Expected to have both professional and personal interest in serving our families
  • Compassionate people who work well with others
  • Employed by The Potty School (as employees, not contractors), which means you're helping a family, while you're helping your family
  • Part-time (we LOVE kids and love the opportunity to provide our employees to be able to spend time with their families too!)

We don't assume that one potty training consultant makes sense for you. We pre-vet our own consultants, based on their experiences and expertise so you don't have to go around comparing person-to-person. You can feel confident in your choice when being matched with a potty training consultant at The Potty School. Instead of saying all of our pottying consultants can help everyone, we realize that different families have different needs, so we've done some of the nitty gritty work of figuring out who that is for our clients, down to every last phone/Zoom consultation.

We have consultants who specialize in different aspects of potty training:

  • neuro-typical children (ages 18 months - 5 years )
  • elimination communication (0-17 months)
  • special needs (0-9 years), which is then broken down more thoroughly by diagnosis to the best we can
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Potty Training Consultant vs. Parenting Expert

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Parents have a lot of questions about potty training. They want to know how to potty train their kids, what age is appropriate, and how long it will take. Parents also want to know what the "best" way to potty train is.

Potty training consultants are professionals who specialize in helping parents with these questions and more. They can provide parents with information on the best methods for potty training and help them find the right time for their child. They can also answer any other questions that parents may have about this topic.

Parents should not rely solely on parenting experts for advice when it comes to potty training because they are not always qualified in this area of expertise. Potty training consultants are professionals who specialize in this field, so they are better equipped to answer all of your questions about potty training than would be a general parenting expert.

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How to Choose the Right Potty Training Consultant for You

1. Avoid those who publish "statistics". (e.g. 98% success rate!)

People can very loosely interpret what the term "potty trained" means. Does that mean days AND nights? Does that mean a child takes themself to the bathroom? Does that exclude any child with special needs? Be careful that correlation does not mean causation either. Perhaps they have only potty trained 30 children total. Maybe they have never taken on a case of a child who was deemed by a school disctrict as "un-potty trainable". We don't leave behind kids and families who need our help for the sake of stats. If we can move a non-verbal, autistic, 9-year-old who has never had a bowel movement in a toilet to agreeably have one within 4-hours of a home consultation, we feel pretty confident that we are up for tackling your questions and situations as well. We know that for some children it would feel like a miracle to get to just one less diaper a day for caregivers, whom they'll probably have for life, so we won't count that as a "failure" when we can help a family achieve that goal.

2. Avoid potty training consultants who promise your child will act a certain way

If I promised you that your child would from here on our say, "thank you" 99% of the time for the next month, would you believe me? What if I had a degree? Would you believe me then? It may be possible to force a child to do something, but we prefer to avoid coercion, or threats. We want this to be a positive process that your child WANTS to partake in. We work alongside your family, with what your parenting values and philosophies are to develop strategies that will work long-term, in the situations your child is in.

3. Remember your child isn't a robot

My son competes internationally in robotics (who even knew that was a thing for 10-year-olds, right?). I've learned a lot about coding and "if: then" statements. If you do X, then Y will happen. Because it's a robot, given the same environment and outside factors, Y should happen every last time. But, your child is not a robot. S/he is an independent soul, their own person. They have desires and preferences and hopes and fears. They are not a coded robot of if your potty training consultant does this, then this will happen. Make sure your consultant works with your child, and family, not just the idea that "this should work."

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What are the Best Ways to Find an Excellent Professional Potty Trainer?

Potty training is a big milestone for any child. It can be a stressful time for both parents and children, but hiring a suitable potty training consultant can help ease that burden. There are many different ways to potty train your child, but the best way to find the right potty trainer for your family is to find one that fits with your lifestyle and parenting style.

There are many different types of trainers out there, so it can be hard to know which one will work best for you.

The most important thing is to find a potty training consultant who will be patient with you and your child, and who has the expertise to actually give ample enough suggestions that you can decide what makes most sense for your family. - The Potty School
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Conclusion: The Importance of Finding the Right Potty Trainer for Your Child

Potty training is a big milestone for any child. It can be a stressful time for parents and children alike. There are many different potty training consultants on the market, but it can be hard to know which one is right for your child.

We hope that this article will help you find the right potty training consultant for your family by giving you some tips on how to choose one that will work best with your child's, and family’s needs and preferences.

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